How to whiten teeth at home


How to whiten teeth at homeIf you want to own a white teeth, you can turn to laser bleaching method. But not everyone can afford to approach this professional teeth whitening. What should I do?

How to whiten teeth at home

You can use the tools available for use at the time to fold. Do not help that the white ball in a long time so they do not cause too much damage to tooth enamel. However, a number of ways to whiten teeth at home if not careful, can cause tooth sensitivity and damage advantage. So before you whiten teeth at home, it is best to consult your dentist about the time, tools and methods for whitening teeth, in addition need to know about these side effects may be encountered by bring the teeth whitening.

How to whiten teeth at home

First try homemade toothpaste including calcium, sodium and water. Air calcium salt, for on that a little water to form a gel, if desired toothpaste odor mixing it with a toothpaste that you use. When brushing your teeth with homemade ice cream, need to be careful, do not brush too hard and longer than three minutes.

The second are activated carbon, this type is sold in pharmacies. Small canopy charcoal, wiped them on the brush strokes as usual. Brushing helps remove the high style that does not tear easily and enamel. Advantages of activated charcoal is safe and not harmful to the oral mucosa. Points to note when using this method is not strongly typed manually because the activated carbon particles can damage tooth enamel.

Soda and hydrogen peroxide bleach is also a home teeth whitening is common. However, as any way to whiten your teeth, if used excessively are also harmful to teeth and bad to gum. Soda and hydrogen peroxide disinfectant containing more alkaline (corrosive materials) should be beneficial to cells lining . Also, rinse your mouth after using hydrogen peroxide bleach can get away this substance into the stomach. If you use soda teeth whitening should be careful when brushing your teeth, do not stick to soda to gum.

In the method of whitening teeth at home can now add on to mention that a professional whitening. However, this should not be used in the home that should go to the dental center by doctors to know exactly how much gel to use and to remove excess gel completely as if it will stick to the gum cause adaptation .

How to whiten teeth at home

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